Recruitment trends for digital enterprises

    Technology has rewritten the traditional recruitment rulebook and now plays a fundamental role in the process of sourcing new candidates. In 2018 and beyond, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and automation will be among the trends that will come to the fore and be a disruptive influence.

    AI candidate screening

    Data is now a primary asset for recruiters and automated, machine learning algorithms will make it easier to unearth the right candidates. AI candidate screening can be used to screen CVs in quick time and then deliver responses to candidates.

    Organisations plan to go a step further in the near future with a focus on ontology. This will convert semi-structured data and job descriptions more consistently, which will improve the processing format and accelerate shortlisting considerably.

    AR and VR make an impact

    Augmented reality is becoming more mainstream and organisations are looking to leverage the tech to create more relevant and interactive experiences with prospective candidates. For example, AR can be used to deliver a simulated walkthrough of a workplace or a mock client meeting. This will improve decision making during the recruitment process. Virtual reality is also an excellent resource for providing tours and to give hiring managers unique access to a candidate's previous work.

    High level talent required

    Seven out of ten leaders believe the speed of tech change is a major challenge, according to PwC's Annual Global CEO survey. Moreover, the study found that organisations will be placing a greater focus on securing highly skilled staff with experience in AI, big data and online platforms to ensure their business can maximise the potential of the digital revolution. Leaders are also eager to deploy more tech products and services to meet growing demands for faster, innovative and more secure services from end users.

    Automation also makes it mark

    Automation will lead to a surge in highly skilled temporary roles for IT and sales talent with niche skill sets. Non-repetitive tasks will become the domain of the robot during the next decade, but automation will also create new jobs.