What we do

At Selected, our goal is to provide staffing and business resolutions to a range of companies throughout the United Kingdom, and beyond. We specialise in a number of recruitment and employment options, including contract and permanent hire. We also offer experienced recruitment and assistance across several technology sectors. All of the recruitment processes are streamlined in order to optimise manager time and improve productivity. This allows you to spend less time on recruitment, and allows you to ensure the efficient running of your business.

Permanent hire

Have you got enough resources to staff upcoming projects? Do you have your full compliment of staff for the coming year's sales targets? Selected will work closely with you to find a recruitment package tailored to your needs.

We know that finding great talent in tech that can bring long-term value to your business can be difficult. At Selected, we maintain an up-to-date database of tech specialists, most of whom have been working with us for many years. This allows us to quickly find candidates with the appropriate skillset while still ensuring that they are dedicated and highly reliable.


Is your business having trouble finding reliable contract staff? Are you looking to hone your skills without being tied to one specific position? If so, Selected will deliver a range of contract employment solutions that will provide reliable staff for businesses and allow candidates the freedom to build their skills.

Our contract recruiters will work with you to find a suitable candidate quickly, giving you the peace of mind to carry out the normal functioning of your business. We work with candidates to find a suitable contract position based on their qualifications. Our available contract positions span a range of disciplines, and provide opportunities to hone your skills.

market mapping

Would you like to ensure the continued steady growth of your business and its employees? At Selected, we can help you map out the talent pools in your market to help you target suitable candidates to grow your business. The methodology we have developed involves the assessment of available candidates according to certain criteria to determine who would fit the positions within your business. Additionally, this service allows your business to identify market gaps, analyse the trends of your competitors, and ensure the continued growth of your company.

We scour a range of sources, from Linkedin to job boards, to unearth hidden talent in all major European countries and the United States. Our database of detailed resumes also allows us to quickly find a perfect candidate for positions available at your company. If you would like to learn more about our market mapping service, don't hesitate to contact us. We can provide references of work carried out upon request.

Executive Search

Here at Selected we provide a market-specific executive search to find thought leaders, CxOs and high-level leaders, within the six specified technology sets listed on our expertise page. This enables us to provide your company with leaders who have the relevant skills and experience to effectively take on new challenges at your company.

We believe that 'there is no better representation of future performance than past’ so rest assured that we will always supply C-level candidates with a proven track record of guiding companies towards success. If you are interested in finding a new senior level manager for your company, please don't hesitate to contact us. We can provide a list of other companies who have used our executive search service and have become more profitable as a result.

Project Services

Have you recently won a contract, but lack the staff to be able to complete the project? Our up-to-date database of contractors allows us to bulk source staff from across a range of technical specialities. Partnering with Selected allows you to quickly find all the contractors you need to get your project up and running.

We can staff a team with technical specialities in six specific areas, namely Linux, Salesforce, Digital, Infrastructure, Business Intelligence and The Edge. If your new project requires staff specialising one or more of these skill set groups, contact Selected to provide the best group of candidates.

Management Consulting

Are you tired of traditional contingency recruitment? At Selected we embrace the notion that contingency agreements are a thing of the past and offer a fuller, more strategic option, wherein we partner with our clients to create a specifically tailored plan to address their company’s pain points.

Senior consultants at Selected will consult with leaders at your company to create a plan which reduces recruitment spend and time to hire, improves the productivity and efficiency of your internal staff, and creates a more interactive recruitment process enabling your business to secure and retain the talent it needs to move forward.