Our Team

Selected is made up of a team with a combined 15 years of experience in the recruitment industry. We are a collection of recruiters with a fresh take on the industry that has allowed us to embrace the latest innovations and ideas, as well as develop new ways of working with our clients and candidates. We believe that a positive recruitment experience lies in a personal touch, which is why we are dedicated to working closely with all our clients to find a suitable staffing programme.

Harry Brown

Harry Brown is a devoted family man, Chelsea fan, and a dedicated recruiter. He has almost a decade of experience in recruitment, the advancement of careers, and expansion of businesses. He has a track record in finding and tailoring a staffing solution for a number of clients, and has consistently been a top achiever in this field.

Harry approaches his business and clients with dedication and will always go above and beyond to deliver a wonderful experience to customers and employees alike. He strives to treat his clients and employees with respect and consideration. He prides himself on his reliability and ability to provide a recruiting service that goes further than simply finding a candidate or vacancy, but that also improves the business opportunities of those who are continuously creating fresh innovations.

Defining a thorough recruitment process is, in Harry's opinion, the key ingredient to customer and agency success. When you choose Selected, you can rest assured that Harry will help you reach your potential.

Steven Petty

An accomplished pool player, Steven Petty has extensive experience in the technology recruitment industry. He has worked with leaders in the software sales sector, and has helped many businesses and candidates achieve their goals. In his many years of experience, he has developed and honed the skills needed to develop a recruiting programme that works for a range of clients.

Steven has always prided himself on outstanding client service and his ability to manage candidates through what can be quite complex recruitment sales cycles. Steven hopes to build a business that reflects this commitment to candidates and to clients alike.

He also hopes to challenge established recruitment agency norms by creating a more streamlined process that reduces financial spend, improves efficiency and staff retention rates. When you choose Selected as your recruitment agency, you have the peace of mind that Steven will help you achieve your goals.